I’m committing to making great music that sounds the best and worst of the human experience and I need your help to do so. Here are a few ways you can support my work and the work of others.

  1. Purchase an album and leave a review!
  2. Tell your friends about or consider taking a music lesson.
  3. Gather up your friends for a night of live, local music or visit an art exhibition once in a while.
  4. Buy Direct! BandCamp houses a great collection of independent and interesting music.
  5. Consider making a direct contribution.
  6. Subscribe to the emailing lists of artists and organization. Instead of the attention competition in social media, you can develop a more personalized connection to your muses.
  7. Lobby your government in support of public funding for arts and humanities in education and culture.
  8. Support arts collectives and unions and social service organizations such as HAAM.