Gain Resilience by Leveraging WordPress

You've chosen WordPress for its ease of use, flexibility, and community support. Now get the technical expertise and strategy to foster growth and accomplish your goals

Freelance WordPress Design and Development

I help small to medium businesses and nonprofit organizations in use WordPress to achieve measurable, user-driven goals and engage their audiences with beautiful, functional websites.

Helping You Help Your Users

My clientele includes fellow creative professionals, micro–businesses, digital creative agencies, and non-profit organizations in roles covering user experience, front end and back end web development, and visual design.

My most successful clients are great listeners, have a well–defined mission and audience, and understand the value of planning, research, and strategy.

Bring a creative, technical skillset to your project.

Enjoy the benefits from a range of WordPress related services.

Streamline Processes

WordPress contains many powerful content management features. Find out the best way to take advantage of the capabilities to suit the workflows and processes of your organization.

WordPress Websites

It can be tempting to hack together a WordPress site without knowing the platform. Taking the time to do things the “WordPress way” pays off huge dividends in the long run.

Bugfixes, Troubleshooting, and QA

White screens of death, server errors, and software bugs have made for many a bad idea. Get some support assistance with taking care of these issues and getting back to baseline.

Performance Optimization

Getting the most out of WordPress can take discipline in creating content along with making sure your site is configured correctly. Be ready for traffic spikes, ensure a fantastic mobile experience, and increase SEO with an optimized WordPress site.

Theme and Plugin Advice

The staggering array of resources, plugins, and themes for WordPress can be bewildering for newcomers. Gain clarity and insight on how to best implement need features for your WordPress site.

WordPress Security

Numerous security threats come along with the popularity of WordPress. Ensure that your site is following the best practices that allow you to give a reliable, secure experience to visitors.

Add life to your project with the right balance of experience and flexibility.

I have a unique combination of technical skills gained from a BS in Electrical Engineering and a lifelong passion for creative arts.

Why not go with Upwork or Fiverr?

Unlike outsourced talent found on Upwork and similar services, I am accessible to my clients and am skilled in working remotely by incorporating tools such as Trello, Slack, Google Suite, and more. I’m also familiar with the tastes and preferences of the US audience while striving for a global presence in my local community. If you have a rock bottom budget and just the bare minimum for your project, Upwork or 99 Designs may be a good choice.

Why not use an Agency?

With the lower overhead that comes with an independent studio, I have a quicker response time, faster turnaround, greater flexibility, and lower cost than most agencies. If your project is large, complex, and contains many moving parts, you’d probably better served by an agency.

We worked with Raymond on our rebranding project to launch an entirely new website. The development and function of the site was critical in helping us establish ourselves as a major player in our industry. Raymond came through with the initial launch, which was a huge success, and has been instrumental in helping us develop the site well beyond our original vision.

Hillary Read
VP of Marketing at 3Q Digital