“El Miedo” – Superfónicos Music Video

“El Miedo” is brought to you in live, motion picture by Superfónicos.

Roughly translated as “the fear”, “El Miedo” is about addressing fear and the courage and character to embrace transformation. Throughout the video, a boogey-man that haunts the Superfónicos crew and I ironically ends up getting his cover blown via acoustic enlightenment and being transformed by the very thing he taunted. It reminds me that the inner-voices of criticism and pain can only maintain themselves in the dim, gray shadows of unawareness. Once identified, fear can be confronted.

When we filmed the outdoor scenes it was cold and windy, but for the sake of art, music, and likes we persevered through the wind chills with no jackets. No chill.

“El Miedo” and more will be released on an upcoming Superfónicos EP scheduled for release October 5, 2018. Visit the Superfónicos website for updates and information.


Zoumoutchi at International Music Festival

Zoumountchi was featured at the 2013 Texas Music Museum International Music Festival held at the George Washington Carver Multicultural Center in Austin, TX September 8, 2013. Here’s a short clip of the performance filmed by by Gina Bustos. Performers include Ibrahim Aminou on N’goni, Chris Hausler on drums, Eileen Bristol on bass, and Lee Redfield and myself on saxophone. You can see similar performances regularly at the Sahara Lounge.